Resources Overview


No one person has all of the answers and the areas of Identity Theft, Data Protection and Privacy are no exception. Many of the best resources are available at no cost online. We’ve provided links to what we believe to be many of the best available resources. Care to search to see where we got our information; virtually all of our materials were developed with the help of these and other similar resources. Because we know that no one offers a panacea to these issues, we have taken the time to go through the market to find some products that we believe in and can offer you things that we can’t. There are certainly other products available, and we are always happy to learn about other good products.



The Federal Trade Commission is the agency tasked with stemming the tide of identity theft and helping businesses and consumers protect themselves and each other from the results of these crimes. Many of the best resources available on identity theft were created by them and are readily available to you. How should you as a consumer respond to becoming a victim, it’s here. Basic guides to protecting your company, it’s here. Want games to help remind your employees of the issues, it’s here. Want your kids to understand why they should be more careful online, it’s here.

Recommended Products

No one product can do everything that you need to protect your business. Some are technology, some are services, but for us to recommend a product, it is because we have reviewed multiple products in the field and found one that we believe not only provides good service, but is a good value.