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Partnership Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

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General Questions

Why does Accurate Data Partners have a Partners Program?

The Partners Program serves two purposes.

First is for associations, organizations and individuals to help them bring the capabilities of Accurate Data Partners to those with whom they have influence. In addition to being able to get a discount for their groups, the partner can earn income in the process.

The second category of Partner is those companies who offer services or products that we feel we can support and recommend to our customers. In particular, we support products that we feel are a good value for dollar and will add to the protection and security of our customers.

How do I become a Partner of Accurate Data Partners?

Send an email to Someone will contact you regarding moving forward to become a partner.

Pricing Chart

Customer Standard Pricing
Smalll Business
Up to 20 employees
Small Business
Up to 50 employees
Small Business
Up to 100 employees
Medium Business
Up to 100-500 employees
Medium Plus Business
Up to 20 employees
$5,000 Minimum
Large Business
More than 1,000 employees
$7,500 Minimum
Large Business
More than 5,000 employees
$25,000 Minimum
Large Business
More than 10,000 employees
$40,000 Minimum

What's Included

  • Accurate Data Partners services include seats for one year.
  • Names can be added or subtracted, but may not exceed the boundary of the category.
  • Accurate Data Partner Services include two levels of training:
    • General Employee
    • Business Owner/Information Security Personnel
  • Small Business Plans include documentation
  • Additional consulting services may be available.