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Products & Services Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

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General Questions

Why Accurate Data Partners?

Accurate Data Partners is a small business, helping small business. We understand the issues of Data Protection, Privacy and Identity Theft better than anyone else and provide services to help you protect your business at a reasonable cost in a way that is easy to understand and easy to follow.

What is included in Accurate Data Partners services?

When you purchase our services, you have access to training for all of your employees for one year. The cost is based on the number of employees you have. You can track employee completion by name and change names as needed to account for new hires. You also receive document templates to cover all the areas discussed in the training, helping you to not only do the right thing and help get your organization compliant, but to document that you are doing so.

What makes If You Are Me, then Who Am I? different from other books on Identity Theft?

Unlike most books on Identity Theft, If You Are Me, then Who Am I? is written to be easily understood by anyone. Most are written to show how smart the author is rather than make the information useful and relevant to the average person (as opposed to academics, attorneys or technologists). If You Are Me also puts the issues in perspective for businesses regarding what they need to do and why. In the end, it is about connecting the dots as to what the problems are, why they matter to you, as an individual or as a business owner, and what you can do about it.

Why should I get training for all of my employees?

As we discuss in the training, you would be amazed at the circumstances that would allow people who wouldn’t normally have access to sensitive information to gain access to it. In the end, do you really want to explain why the person you didn’t train is the one who lost the information (for further information, see Murphy’s Law).

What is the difference between the webinars and the training?

Most of our webinars are intended to give you an idea of what we cover in our programs and how they can help your business.

If I buy the program, why should I look at the Continuing Education?

The content of the Continuing Education is significantly different from the compliance program. The Continuing Education program is currently hosted by the Bar Association and addresses issues specific to attorneys. Some of these issues include providing better advise to clients, understanding where you liability may be (that you don’t even know about) and what you can do to change it.

Can I view the training materials on my iPad?

Currently our training system requires Adobe's Flash technology which is not supported on iPad. We are currently investigating a system upgrade to allow training on the iPad in the future.

Pricing Chart

Customer Standard Pricing
Smalll Business
Up to 20 employees
Small Business
Up to 50 employees
Small Business
Up to 100 employees
Medium Business
Up to 100-500 employees
Medium Plus Business
Up to 20 employees
$5,000 Minimum
Large Business
More than 1,000 employees
$7,500 Minimum
Large Business
More than 5,000 employees
$25,000 Minimum
Large Business
More than 10,000 employees
$40,000 Minimum

What's Included

  • Accurate Data Partners services include seats for one year.
  • Names can be added or subtracted, but may not exceed the boundary of the category.
  • Accurate Data Partner Services include two levels of training:
    • General Employee
    • Business Owner/Information Security Personnel
  • Small Business Plans include documentation
  • Additional consulting services may be available.