Identity Theft Book


Most books on Identity Theft area written by academics, technologist or attorneys for academics, technologist or attorney s. Some take the time to show you the scams that are out there. But none of them are written for consumers or business owners to really understand what the problems are, why you should care and what you should do about them.

If You Are Me is written to make these complicated issues understandable to virtually anyone, helping to see why this matters to you as a consumer and as a business owner. Just as important is the fact that many companies out there are peddling offers of protection when they really don’t help you at all. If You Are Me offers a review of the different product types and their pros and cons. You don’t really want to find out your product is worthless when you really need it to come through for you. Even if you choose not to follow our advise, at least you will know where you may be putting yourself at risk.