Understanding The Problem Is The First Step To Solving It

Accurate Data Partners provides the best value for small business in the areas of data protection, privacy and identity theft. Helping not only to meet your compliance requirements, but provide real improvements to your organization and reduce your liability.

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If You Are Me, Then Who Am I? The Personal And Business Reality Of Identity Theft

Easy to understand, If You Are Me, then Who Am I? not only gives you an easy way to understand what Identity Theft really is (it probably isn’t what you think) but why it matter to you individually and as a business owner and what you can do about it.

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A Detailed Look At Our Offerings

Winning the war on Data (or Cyber) Security will not be accomplished through new technology or new regulation. Download this White paper to learn the trends going forward and what is making a difference in protecting organizations.


Helping Your People Understand The Issues

Highly sought after, Mr. Gardner and Mr. McCartney are engaging, entertaining and informative speakers. Help your members understand how they can improve their businesses through simple effective changes in a thought provoking manner.

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Greatest Threat is Inside Your Company

Almost 58% of data losses are the result employee negligence or mistakes. This recent report from Forretser Consulting shows where these risks are.

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Most fixes aren’t that expensive

Verizon Business annually reviews the data breaches they respond to. They say that 53% of losses could’ve been prevented with simple, inexpensive fixes.

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The best source for free online information regarding Identity Theft is the Federal Trade Commission. They have information for consumers and business owners.

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Products & Services

Compliance Training & Documentation

You’re not in business to be compliant, but being compliant can help keep you in business. Offering training for all of your employees and documentation to support your efforts to protect your information, your business, your customers and your employees can make a real difference and doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Continuing Education Training

Understanding the problems of data protection, privacy and identity theft is the best way to help your practice and your clients. This training will help you to take these issues and turn them from potential liabilities to potential business drivers.

Speaking Engagements

Help your organizations understand how to help themselves regarding data protection, privacy and identity theft. These are areas where ignorance is not bliss, but understanding how they can impact your business.

If You are Me, then Who am I?

Identity Theft isn’t just about finances and it isn’t a joke. Learn what it really is and why it matters to you. As a consumer or a business owner, If You Are Me, then Who Am I? is a great, easy to read, resource to.

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Data Protection, Privacy and Identity Theft are constantly changing. Understanding how those changes may affect you may help you to avoid potential pitfalls and liabilities.

If you are me, then who am I? Our book will take you beyond the glossy ads and the television commercials and into the reality of being an Identity Theft victim. Learn more.
Identity Theft Red Flags Rules Compliance. We can help you become Red Flags Compliant through our training programs and associated materials. It's easy! Learn more.